General Carpentry provides the central foundation for multifamily and commercial construction. Their craft focuses on both the core structure of the construction process such as framing, exteriors, scaffolding and concrete work, and the fine details such as trim and finishing work. They are usually the first trade on a jobsite and the last one to leave.

General Carpenters are also trained in Solar installation. The Solar Installer program provides a baseline understanding of the types, designs, components, and installation methods for photovoltaic systems used in various renewable energy applications. UBC members learn about solar cell technology, how solar radiation produces power, basic electricity, array location, and assembly. The course identifies residential, commercial, and large solar installation industry standards.

General Carpenters are responsible for ensuring that the building blocks of communities, such as hospitals, schools, bridges, and power plants, are safe, secure, and appealing.  The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters and our contractors work together to ensure that union carpenters are the best-trained workforce in the construction industry.