Healthcare facilities concentrate on mitigating the spread of pathogens and preventing contamination caused by viral and bacterial threats, mold spores and other harmful elements. Our trained ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) specialists bring attention to these seen and unseen dangers. Dust and other contaminants from maintenance work, renovation, and new construction also threaten vulnerable patients, and lead to secondary infections. Hiring well trained construction workers into an occupied healthcare facility is critical to protecting all who occupy healthcare environments.

Partnering with construction professionals inspires trust and peace of mind. For more than a decade, the UBC-ICRA training programs have led the industry in preparing highly skilled workers for safe, efficient operation within the healthcare environment. Hospitals and clean facilities looking for contractors and workers who have been trained to handle these situations during construction can look to CCT to be a resource. We can connect you to both training for your hospital environment and the right contractor to prioritize safety and perform the highest quality work.