Connecting industry partners to the communities we serve

Our Mission

The Carpenter Contractor Trust is a labor-management trust formed to bond the relationship between the trained talents of union carpenters and their qualified signatory contractors to gain market share within the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters area.  We serve as a liaison to amplify the voices of our partners to bring attention to matters that affect them most.


The bond between union contractors and carpenters are the building blocks for a collaborative partnership ensuring projects remain productive and profitable, while adhering to the safety of all parties.


With access to a pool of more than 42,000 members, developers can count on the skilled craftsmanship of union carpenters to quickly ramp up large projects with the peace of mind the job will be done right the first time under the responsible leadership of their signatory contractors.

Policy Makers

We actively promote and partner with local and state legislators, school boards, and other organizations to drive change within the local communities that union carpenters and their signatory contractors serve.

News & Events


Navigating truths and falsehoods of New Jersey’s offshore wind plans

Offshore wind represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for New Jersey. This new industry offers us a chance to revitalize our economy, foster innovation and promote our skilled workforce. It means thousands of good-paying union jobs for New Jersey workers while moving us one huge step closer to a clean energy future. And, yet, the rampant spread…

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